“Our experience working with MICCO continues to reinforce our confidence that MICCO not only does a great job, but does so with a spirit of collaboration that is focused on one goal – a successful project for the Owner.”

Emmanuel Kollias, AIA, Sidock Group, Inc.

“MICCO is dilligent in working with the project team to ensure that everyone remains focused on the overall objective for the Owner. Their team is composed of well-educated, experienced and hard working people that have always been fair in pricing and provided quality work for the finished product.”

Timothy A. Burns, Bowling Green State University

“MICCO Construction's reputation for developing relationships built on trust and mutual understanding of the project's vision is well earned. This was proven by their ability to make the necessary changes in the project approach to allow for the successful completion of this renovation project.”

Steve Sines, Marriott at Centerpoint

“MICCO continues to work with us in an outstanding fashion to make sure the project is completed within the established time frames. Working with them has been nothing but professional.”

Matthew Wilson, Schoolcraft College

“Thank you for the work that you have put into helping this project come together. I am also appreciative of your kind gestures that go beyond the scope of the project. Thank you again.”

Bob Johnson, Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church

“I want to thank you so much for all the time and personal effort you and the personnel of MICCO have put forth in the attempt to get this project out of the ground. Your professionalism, optimism, and compassion to me and to our endeavor are deeply appreciated.“

Fred Ritz, Bonnie Brook Condominiums

“Compared to previous renovation projects I have been associated with, this one was a piece of cake… it has been a pleasure working with the MICCO team.”

Pastor Susan E. Melrose, First Presbyterian Church

   St. Mary Antiochian
   Orthodox Church

   Fr. George Shalbhoub

   Bowling Green State

   Tim Burns

   Wayne State University
   Anne-Lee Vandenbussche

   Marriott at Centerpoint
   Scott Sines

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